postheadericon How To Select The Best Catheter?

medical suppliesYou might need to use a catheter at times in your life. It could be for a temporary use of permanent one also, depending on the problem severity. Catheters are generally used when you are unable to remove urine form your body on your own. Therefore an external tube is connected to a bag where the urine is collected. This is practiced generally after having a surgery when the doctor advised to use a bedpan along with a catheter bag. Some surgeries of this sort to mention would be a prostate procedure, spinal cord problem, mental dementia or a gynecological procedure. Some conditions like incontinence or urine retention problem result in the permanent usage of catheter. Depending on your problems and preferences, various kinds of catheters are available. And you should use one only after you get more details of every product through thorough research.

Medline catheter bags are supposed to be of excellent quality and reduce all chances of infection to nil. There are basically three types of catheter bags. First is an indwelling catheter which stays inside according to the place of bladder. It attaches to a drainage bag and has a small balloon at the end of it. The balloon stays inflated to keep the catheter in place and is deflated when the catheter needs to be taken out. Another kind of catheter is the intermittent catheter. It is inserted via the urethra to the urinary bladder for urine removal. It is taken out after the urine has stopped. Most of these catheters are used for temporary basis. They are made of a clear plastic or rubber for simplicity reasons. These catheters are also called CISC, abbreviated term for Clean intermittent self catheterization. These are disposable in nature. The third kind of catheter is the male external catheter. It was called a condom catheter before. The working of this catheter is very intricate and is used for special purposes.

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